Understanding the Importance of Having Your Braces Adjusted

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Alignment issues, over and under bite problems can compromise the function of your mouth and leave you with a less than perfect smile. In many cases like this Dr. Raymond R. Niles might recommend having your teeth fitted for braces. Of course the act of simply having braces fitted on your teeth is only the first step toward improving your smile.

Through the course of a regular series of adjustment sessions the periodontal ligaments anchoring your teeth are stretched and moved one small step closer to your ideal alignment. These adjustment sessions are a critical and continuing part of the realignment process.

Dr. Raymond R. Niles often schedules adjustment sessions four to six weeks apart. While the primary purpose of the appointment is to adjust the tension of your braces, it is also a good time to replace any bands or other parts of your braces that have suffered some wear and tear. If you’ve noticed any part of your braces that has an issues, let Dr. Raymond R. Niles know, so he can repair or replace it.

If you miss an adjustment appointment, it could potentially increase the amount of time you need to wear braces.

If you are overdue for an adjustment appointment or you would like to schedule your next one in advance, please call Dr. Raymond R. Niles at 703.494.4101 to schedule one.