Tongue Scrapers 101

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If you have bad breath, tongue scrapers may be your best option!

Tongue scrapers are small, wand-like products that are easily used everywhere you go. You can generally find the scrapers at your nearest drug or grocery stores or at our dental office. These tools are effective in removing the debris, bacteria, and dead cells from your tongue as well as cleaning the coatings that form from smoking, dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, yeast infections, and medication use.

Now remember: Tongue scrapers only temporarily solve your bad breath issue, so it’s important to keep up with your oral hygiene routine and your six month checkups. But, while using your tongue scraper, please remember to:

• Clean the tool before and after each use
• Start by placing the scraper at the back of your tongue and gently pulling the scraper forward
• Clean every section of your tongue, and the sections include the center, left side, and right side of your tongue
• Rinse your mouth with water after you have cleaned your tongue

When it comes to choosing the best tongue scraper for your smile, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our dentist today so Dr. Raymond R. Niles can help you find the best and most successful product for you. We also encourage you to call our office now if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you!