Tips to Help You Effectively Clean and Maintain Your New Braces

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Your new set of braces, fitted by Dr. Raymond R. Niles, will effectively realign your teeth over the course of several adjustment sessions. If a part of your braces is damaged, or you develop cavities on your teeth, it could increase the duration you need to wear braces. With a few minor changes in your daily habits and a thoughtful daily oral hygiene regimen, you will keep your braces clean and maintained, thus keeping the amount of time you need to wear them to a bare minimum.

It’s important to clean in and around your braces and between your teeth as part of your daily oral hygiene regimen. This starts by brushing and flossing twice each day. If you have trouble cleaning around the braces or working floss between your teeth, you might want to try using interdental brushes or a floss threader with wax coated floss.

You should avoid eating sticky foods and chewing gum as this can easily bend wires, loosen brackets, or dislodge spacers. Your braces can also be damaged by biting down repeatedly on hard and crunchy foods. This also extends to bad habits like chewing on hard objects, pencils, pens, and ice, which can also cause damage to your braces.

If you do have something break off or come bracket loose, you can secure it in the special orthodontic wax you were given when you were first fitted for braces. This will help to protect your mouth until Dr. Raymond R. Niles can see you and address the problem.

If you have questions about how to clean or take care of your braces or some part of your braces is damaged or loose, please call Dr. Raymond R. Niles at 703.494.4101 to schedule your next appointment