The Tips Your Teen Needs to Enhance Their Smile

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Having an unattractive smile can make life difficult, especially for teenagers. If your teen mentions that they dislike the appearance of their smile, Dr. Raymond R. Niles would like to help them. All you need to do is bring them to Niles Dental and see which cosmetic dental treatment can help your child achieve their smile goals.

The first treatment we offer is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a simple and painless treatment that can brighten the teeth many shades. It involves our dentist using professional whitening trays, gel, and a special dental light to break up any discoloration. When your teen is done with the treatment, they should have a brighter smile they are proud of.

The second treatment we offer is dental veneers. Dental veneers are thin shells that offer natural-looking results. They are made out of porcelain in a dental lab, which means they will fit perfectly over your teen’s teeth. Once they are created, they will be placed over the chomper and they will hide any imperfections, enhancing the appearance of a stubborn tooth that takes the beauty away from the smile.

The third treatment we offer is dental bonding. Dental bonding is also another way to enhance one or two stubborn teeth that make the smile unattractive. The treatment involves our dentist placing a resin material on the tooth. Then, he will shape it so it provides a natural-looking appearance. Finally, he will harden it with a special light to complete the treatment. This should provide a more beautiful and attractive tooth.

To learn more about our cosmetic dental treatments in Woodbridge, Virginia, or to schedule an appointment for your teen, please call our office at 703.494.4101. We look forward to helping your teen have the attractive smile they want!