The Benefits of Water Flossing

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Did you know that cleaning between your teeth is possible with a variety of other interdental tools beyond traditional dental floss? One of those tools that has been proven to be highly effective is called a water flossers. Water flossers work by spraying a beam of water directly at teeth to help wash away food particles, plaque buildup, and harmful acids that brushing cannot remove by itself. For more information regarding water flossers, see below:

– Water flossers eliminate the need for dental thread.
– Some water flossers feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance for safety and effectiveness.
– If you are getting older, or your muscles or mind will not allow you to easily floss your teeth, water flossers are proven to be more helpful and beneficial.
– Water flossers are amazing tools when they are needed to clean previous dental services you may have, including orthodontic aligners, dental bridges, dentures, and dental crowns.
– Water flossers do not need to be used multiples times a day, and instead can be present for a single cleaning once daily.

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