Love Your Smile This Holiday Season with Dental Veneers

During the holiday season, there are many reasons to flash your smile. However, many people are hindered feeling nervous or self-conscious about their smile. Luckily, our professional staff here at Niles Dental in Woodbridge, Virginia, can give you a smile you can fall in love with using dental veneers in time for the holidays. Dental veneers offer a wide variety... read more »

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the process Dr. Niles and Dr. Niles-Smith use to attach materials directly to a tooth to improve the color or shape. The tooth enamel is fused with the bonding material, which may be porcelain or resin, to create a strong restoration that feels like your original tooth. What are the benefits of dental bonding? - Unlike some... read more »

A Fractured Tooth Needs Repair to Prevent Future Complications

Even though your tooth enamel is harder than your bones, there are still times when an accidental fall or a blow to the face can fracture a tooth. There are other times when a chip or fracture can be caused by mundane habits, like grinding your teeth or using your teeth as tools. The severity of the fracture will directly... read more »