Protecting Your Smile with Cavity Prevention

Your oral health should be at the forefront of your health care. If your teeth and gums are damaged, the trickle-down effect will affect the rest of your health as well. One common condition that often arises within our teeth is known as a cavity. A cavity arises when dental erosion has fully worn down a tooth to the point... read more »

Prevent Complications During the Alignment Process by Keeping Your Braces Clean

The realignment process instituted by your braces is founded on timely adjustment sessions and maintaining good oral hygiene. If cavities form on your teeth, or your braces are bent or damaged in any way, it will likely increase the number of adjustment sessions Niles Dental’s orthodontists need to achieve your ideal alignment. It’s important to maintain a diligent daily oral... read more »

5 Tips on How to Thwart Halloween Cavities

Halloween cavities are a real problem nowadays, and we are happy to tell you how to fight and avoid this dental issue. We understand that the Halloween holiday wouldn’t be complete without the many treats that are given that day. We aren’t here to tell you to stop eating your holiday treats or to stop trick-or-treating—we are here to tell... read more »

Orthodontics: Learning How to Floss with Braces

Did you just get braces? If so, good for you! As you transform your smile, we are happy to help you properly care for your teeth and appliance by teaching you how to floss your metal-filled mouth. Flossing can be a tricky and inconvenient task, especially with braces, but it is very important that you floss at least once a... read more »