Do I need Orthodontic Treatment?

Many people have braces during their teenage years, but some aren’t able to have that treatment, or simply didn’t need it at the time. And as an adult, the thought of getting braces usually isn’t a pleasant one. After all, you have to be at work and look professional – braces are for kids, right? But if you think you... read more »

Prevent Complications During the Alignment Process by Keeping Your Braces Clean

The realignment process instituted by your braces is founded on timely adjustment sessions and maintaining good oral hygiene. If cavities form on your teeth, or your braces are bent or damaged in any way, it will likely increase the number of adjustment sessions Niles Dental’s orthodontists need to achieve your ideal alignment. It’s important to maintain a diligent daily oral... read more »

Tips to Help You Effectively Clean and Maintain Your New Braces

Your new set of braces, fitted by Dr. Raymond R. Niles, will effectively realign your teeth over the course of several adjustment sessions. If a part of your braces is damaged, or you develop cavities on your teeth, it could increase the duration you need to wear braces. With a few minor changes in your daily habits and a thoughtful... read more »

Understanding the Importance of Having Your Braces Adjusted

Alignment issues, over and under bite problems can compromise the function of your mouth and leave you with a less than perfect smile. In many cases like this Dr. Raymond R. Niles might recommend having your teeth fitted for braces. Of course the act of simply having braces fitted on your teeth is only the first step toward improving your... read more »

Should You Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign® or Braces?

Should you choose Invisalign® or traditional braces? This might be a question you should talk to us about during your next visit. Let's quickly compare the two treatments and see which may work best for you. Traditional braces are known for being highly visible. For the most part, the days of wearing full headgear are gone but the stigma of... read more »

Maintaining your Traditional Wire and Bracket Braces

Your braces represent a serious investment in improving the alignment of your teeth. Your braces can be damaged by certain activities, foods and lifestyle choices. Damage to your braces reduces their effectiveness and will increase the amount of time you have to wear them. Certain foods and chewing gum can damage your braces. The brackets are attached to your teeth... read more »

Treating a Broken Bracket

Broken brackets are very common, but that doesn’t make them more convenient. It’s very important that you take care of the broken bracket as soon as possible because if you don’t, your treatment time could be lengthened and your smile could be altered. With the investment you’re making in the orthodontic treatment and your smile, it’s best to do everything... read more »

Orthodontics: The Answers to Your Many Questions

To help you know more about orthodontics and your journey with braces, we are happy to provide the answers to the following treatment questions! We believe these questions will make your life easier as you transform your smile, and you will know all you need to as you go to school, work, and activities. How long will my orthodontic treatment... read more »

7 Tips on How to Get Your Braces off Quickly

As you sit there in class, do you ever despise the wires that poke you? Or do you ever daydream about the day you get your braces off? Well, we get it, and we’re happy to tell you that there are a seven things you can do to finish your orthodontic treatment quickly! First, attend all of your orthodontic appointments... read more »

Orthodontics: Learning How to Floss with Braces

Did you just get braces? If so, good for you! As you transform your smile, we are happy to help you properly care for your teeth and appliance by teaching you how to floss your metal-filled mouth. Flossing can be a tricky and inconvenient task, especially with braces, but it is very important that you floss at least once a... read more »