Prevent Complications During the Alignment Process by Keeping Your Braces Clean

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The realignment process instituted by your braces is founded on timely adjustment sessions and maintaining good oral hygiene. If cavities form on your teeth, or your braces are bent or damaged in any way, it will likely increase the number of adjustment sessions Niles Dental’s orthodontists need to achieve your ideal alignment.

It’s important to maintain a diligent daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice a day for peak oral health. This includes cleaning away residual food particles and plaque from around the braces hardware. Interdental brushes have small angled heads for cleaning hard to reach places. A floss threader with wax dental floss can help you clean around some of the hard to reach places in your mouth.

It’s best to try to avoid eating sticky foods and chewing gum and eating sticky foods. This can easily bend wires, loosen brackets or dislodge spacers. At the same time, your braces can also be damaged by chewing hard and crunchy foods.

If any part of your braces hardware is damaged and a sharp point threatens to injure your mouth, you can secure it in inside orthodontic wax or an improvised piece of a pencil eraser. This will help to protect your cheek and gums long enough for one of Niles Dental’s orthodontist to address and repair the problem.

If you have questions about how to best clean and maintain your new set of braces, you can always call Niles Dental’s offices in Woodbridge, Virginia at 703.494.4101 for further advice.