Orthodontics: Learning How to Floss with Braces

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Did you just get braces? If so, good for you! As you transform your smile, we are happy to help you properly care for your teeth and appliance by teaching you how to floss your metal-filled mouth.

Flossing can be a tricky and inconvenient task, especially with braces, but it is very important that you floss at least once a day while you go through orthodontic treatment; in fact, it might even be more important to floss when you have braces than when you don’t have braces! This is because the food that gets stuck in your appliance can easily create tooth decay and other major dental problems. So, to help make flossing a bit easier, we encourage you to use these five steps to properly clean your smile:

1. Thread one end of the floss underneath the main wire of the braces.

2. Use your thumbs and index fingers and gently push the floss between your two teeth.

3. Scrape the sides of your teeth with the floss and remove the plaque and food particles that are there. This technique will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

4. Pull the floss out from between your teeth and pull one end of the floss to bring it out from underneath the wire.

5. Repeat this process between each tooth. Please remember to use a clean section of floss as you do so.

Yes, this flossing technique will likely take more time than your traditional flossing technique does, but it is definitely worth the time. To help the process become a bit easier, your orthodontist will give you helpful tools and tips when you attend your orthodontic treatments. Our orthodontic team is also more than happy to help you if you call our office and ask us your questions. We look forward to working with you!