Fact Finder: TMJ Disorders

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If you ever feel any jaw pain or pain within your mouth area that feels abnormal or irregular, you may want to seek treatment for a potential TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders arise when damage has been done to your temporomandibular joint within your jaw.

Your temporal mandibular joints, also called TMJs, are ball-and-socket joints that are truly important for the necessary functions of your jaw. The TMJ’s consists of connective tissues, ligaments, muscles, and a ball-and-socket joint all working together with each other to facilitate the movement of your jaw and the numerous angles with which it moves. However, due to the amount of parts involved, it can easily be damaged.

If your TMJs are damaged, there are numerous techniques and treatments you can use to help alleviate any pain associated with them. Numerous TMJ disorders, also known as TMDs, arise due to stress. Some of the best treatments are effective stress relievers. Calming and relaxing music has been known to help alleviate jaw pain. Furthermore, meditative techniques such as yoga and biofeedback can also be helpful. Severe pain, medications, and ice packs can be employed. If you are suffering from inflammation, an ice pack may be necessary. For additional treatments or to treat underlying conditions such as bruxism, which may be contributing to your TMJ disorder, visit your dentist.

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