Do I need Orthodontic Treatment?

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Many people have braces during their teenage years, but some aren’t able to have that treatment, or simply didn’t need it at the time. And as an adult, the thought of getting braces usually isn’t a pleasant one. After all, you have to be at work and look professional – braces are for kids, right?

But if you think you need orthodontic treatment, there are other options besides braces. Let’s focus first, however, on how to know if you need orthodontic treatment in the first place.

Is your bite misaligned?

A misaligned bite can cause many problems, including TMJ disorder, crooked teeth, and poor oral health. When your teeth don’t fit together correctly when biting, this can cause them to grind and shift in their sockets.

If you have a misaligned bite, you definitely need orthodontic treatment.

Gaps in teeth

If you have gaps in between teeth, orthodontic treatment can solve those issues as well. Getting your teeth close together will also help your bite, the importance of which is mentioned above, and it’s pretty simple to close gaps in between your teeth.

Crooked teeth

This is the most obvious, but it is a sign that you need some sort of teeth straightening treatment. If your teeth are crooked, it’s harder to clean then, which leads to a buildup of plaque that can result in gingivitis.

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