Dental Trauma Can Cause a Severe Toothache

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Dental trauma can come in a variety of forms and degrees of severity. It is most often associated with a hard blow to the face from an accident or sports-related injury. This can sometimes cause damage to the internal structures of the tooth, creating a toothache.

If the toothache can be attributed to a recent trauma, such as a blow to the face or a hard fall, it might be that the trauma damaged the root or socket of the tooth. Without timely professional care at Niles Dental, this could also lead to infection and total tooth loss.

You might also try rubbing topical oral analgesic onto the surrounding gums for temporary pain management. Just keep in mind that while this might numb the area in the short term, it should not be used as an effective treatment for long term pain cessation.

To treat this level of dental trauma, Dr. Raymond R. Niles might need to perform an endodontic treatment. This will extract and replace the damaged structures to prepare the root for an eventual dental crown restoration.

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