What are dentures?

Dentures are dental prosthetics used to replace multiple missing teeth. If you have lost several teeth or even all of your teeth, dentures are a good option for replacing your teeth and restoring your smile’s beauty and function. Dentures are removable oral appliances, so you can easily take them out for cleaning. There are two main types of dentures: complete and partial.

What are complete dentures?

Complete (full) dentures are used when all of the teeth in a dental arch have been lost or removed. The complete denture replaces the teeth and gum tissues, giving your smile a natural appearance and improving your oral function as well. Depending on your needs, complete dentures can be worn in the upper arch, lower arch, or both.

What are partial dentures?

A partial denture is recommended when some natural teeth still remain. The partial denture replaces the missing teeth and fills in the gaps left in your smile. In many cases, a partial includes a thin framework or clasps that attach to the neighboring teeth for stability.

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